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How to look younger with meditation

People often wonder how to look younger naturally. The truth is that you can stay young looking with meditation. This anti aging health secret will not only make you look and feel young, but it can add years to your life. On top of that, you will live a stress free life and feel much more in control during day to day activities. So, how can you look and feel younger with meditation?
I'll show you a great guide on how you can integrate meditation into your daily lifestyle. Let's begin at the beginning of the day:
  • Get out of bed, stand up, and and focus on your breath. Sit in an Indian style position and get ready for a solid 30 minute meditation session.
  • Meditation is only effective if done correctly. During meditation you should focus on your breath and be aware of your body. Try and not move a muscle or even flinch for the full 30 minutes. You must become aware of your breathing as a spectator. Don't try and alter it, just focus on it in its natural state.
  • If you stay in a fixed position for long enough you'll start to feel pains in certain parts of your body. It's important not to react to these pains. Think of physical pain as emotional pain. They're both temporary and will eventually pass. It's very important to be able to survey yourself for an extended period of time with out reacting to insignificant pains or discomforts. This will help you gain a better control of your body, mind, and "self".
  • After this take your shower and get ready for your day.
Note: If you really want to go all out on the meditation then I highly recommend checking out Dhamma Vipassana Meditation. It's a 10 day meditation retreat (non-religious / secular) where you live an all veagan diet, meditate 4 hours a day, can't talk, look at anyone in the eye, listen to music, or any other regular habits. It's really intense, but you'll leave feeling incredible. Oh ya, it's free! It's non profit and run by volunteers who have done it in the past. The housing, food, and everything else doesn't cost a penny. Check out the website link I showed you to sign up. There's Dhamma location all over the US and world.
I guarantee if you start your day with meditation like this then you'll feel so much more in control of yourself. This will result in you feeling more confident, being happier, and living more stress-free. This creates a cause and effect where better things will come your way; because you made it that way. This will result in you looking and felling younger. It all begins with 30 minutes of focused mediation to start your day.
The secret on how to look young is not in a bottle or some chemical in a lotion. It's not even a facelift, Botox, or some other alternative plastic surgery. It's how you live and approach every day. If you get a facelift today then how will you look two years from now? Plastic surgery should be a supplement to an already healthy lifestyle. Meditation will be a great way for you to start living a better lifestyle and looking younger.
I hope this will help some you out there. The secret to looking younger is a repeated effort of living a healthy lifestyle. Meditation is a great first step to getting there. Once you control your life then you can control anything. It becomes easier to eat healthy, exercise, and be overal more active. Trust me when I say it will add up. You will be so glad six months from now when you've done everything right to improving your life and looking younger. I hope this helps, good luck guys and happy meditating!

Plastic Surgery Star  -  Sep. 12

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