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Looking for good plastic surgery in Chicago for a nose job

I'm looking for the best plastic surgery Chicago has to offer. I want to get a nose job from the best Chicago rhinoplasty specialist regardless of the cost. Can someone please share your experience on what plastic surgeons I should consult?

I've heard good things about Dean Toriumi... is he as good as they say he is?

Nancy  -  Sep. 12

The best nose job doctor in Chicago is Dr. Dean Toriumi. He's a rhinoplasty specialist with a very long and impressive track record. A few years ago he was listed as one of the best 5 nose job specialists in the world.
If money isn't an issue for you then Dr. Toriumi will be a good option for a Chicago nose job doctor. He usually charges upwards of $20,000 - $30,000. This is partly because his procedures are usually complex and in depth. He'll typically perform what is known as a "rib graft". This is when the doctor takes some cartilage from the rib area or behind the ear and transplants in into the nose. The theory behind this procedure is that the nose job will result in a more permanent result due to the fact that it has more cartilage support.
So, you can expect a good nose job result from Dr. Toriumi. I definitely recommend him for Chicago rhinoplasty.

Plastic Surgery Star  -  Sep. 12

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