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What's the minimum age for using Botox (what's too young)?

What is the minimum age for Botox? Am I too young for injections if I'm 22 years old? I've noticed small crows feet and shallow wrinkles on my forehead. I try and stay out of the sun (use sunscreen whenever I can), but the onset of premature wrinkles has reared it's ugly head. So, am I too young for Botox injections?

Jessica49  -  Sep. 12

I wouldn't say there's necessarily a minimum age.  But, you don't want to jump the gun an rush into Botox at the first sign on aging.  Step back and try eating healthier, staying out of the sun, and not getting stressed out.  Those three simple things will work wonder not just on your face, but your whole life! :)

Kim  -  Sep. 12

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