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What's the perfect type of nose job (what considered a good nose)?

What would be considered a good nose job result? How would someone get the perfect nose job? In you opinion what physical characteristics of a nose would be considered ideal?
This can be for a guy or girl. I curious on what yall' would consider to be the perfect nose.

Jessica49  -  Sep. 12

I really love this question on rhinoplasty, I read it and my first thought was well you don’t want a nose that screams I just had plastic surgery… right???? But then I thought if you were walking around your entire life with a hook nose on the middle of your face that looked like Gonzo from the Muppets you might want a change that is very noticeable.


I rethought the question from a different angle and I think the perfect nose job is something that is going to look natural on your face. If you are someone who has a smaller framed face, you’ll want to keep your nose in proportion, and you’ll want to keep your nose to where it adds to the other features of your face not jumps out and takes the attention away from your other features.  Also I would think you would want to get a nose that just looks like it belongs… not a nose that looks like “so and so’s” but just ~your nose.

KoalaDownUnda  -  Sep. 17

A perfect nose depends on the the persons face! Leonardo Dicaprios' nose may look great on some, well not so good on others.

Plastic Surgery Star  -  Sep. 12

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