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What age can you get plastic surgery? Nadia Ilse 13 year old gets plastic surgery.

It's the age old question... What age can you get plastic surgery? What age is too young? Here's a video 13 year old Nadia Ilse who had $40,000 in plastic surgery from a non-profit organization. See what you think...

My thoughts...

It's good that she's feeling better now and is happy with the surgery, but 13 is too young. As many people have said here, your teen years are your learning years! You grow, learn, mature, & develop. Experiences you have in high school are things you can learn from and ultimately become better for in the long run. When she's 18 she'll know herself better and can decide what to do. Granted, this is a unique situation because she was offered $40,000 of free plastic surgery. But, in 99.99% of cases you should experience life as the way you were born. After some time you can make a more well informed choice on what you want to do. Plastic surgery is for life...

What are your thoughts?

Timbo  -  Apr. 7

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