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What Area Should Be Done First With Liposuction?

I will have over-all body liposuction (thighs, arms, tummy) and I was just wondering which area should I have done first? What is the easiest area to recover from to the hardest? Should I have the easiest to recover from first or the hardest? Can I have these procedures all done at the same time? If not, how many weeks/days apart should they be? Thanks!

Alice  -  Oct. 15

You cannot have all this done at the same time! Our body needs to recover from the anesthesia. Based on my experience, I had my tummy done first. After a month, my arms. After three weeks, my thighs. However, since my thighs are HUGE, I needed two sessions. So I had my second thigh lipo done 1 WEEK AFTER my first thigh lipo. Most clinics/surgeons would recommend this order.

The tummy lipo usually includes the love handles in the procedure already - they go hand in hand. The arm lipo typically includes the "wings" --- those fatty deposits in our upper back. They say the tummy lipo is the easiest of all the procedures as they require minimal body activity compared to thighs and arms. I find this to be true. The most difficult for me was the thigh lipo. Of all the procedures, my thighs also had the most drippings post-surgery.

Cristalle  -  Oct. 15

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