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What If I Gain Weight Back After Liposuction Surgery?

Do you gain all the weight back after liposuction? How do you keep the weight off after liposuction?

Michelle  -  Oct. 16

Yes. If you start eating like a maniac again. The idea of getting a liposuction is to start over with a clean slate. You are given a brand-new body. Take care of it. When I had my lipo, I still ate a lot after. However, I learned to balance off my eating with proper exercise. Most of the patients I have known who got lipo never really gained the weight back. It is just so inspiring to be thin! After getting all the compliments, you just start becoming more conscious of your body. I noticed that after my lipo, I was more careful with my food choices. I even tried out new exercises like Zumba and yoga.

Madel  -  Oct. 16

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