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What Is Bilateral Breast Reshaping?

What is bilateral breast reshaping with resituating the glandular tissue?

Scarlet Mayer  -  Oct. 27

This is a fancy wording for mastopexy or breast lift. There is nothing different about it, just different wording to get your attention to think that it is a fancy way of doing a procedure. This typically refers to th brast tissue rearrangement performed with lifts or reductions such as the Benelli or vertical techniques . Newer techniques rely less on the skin to maintain the shape and more on the breast gland. The glandular tissue is excised and sutured in such a way as to produce shaplier breasts that are higher on the chest wall and maintain their shape longer. Frequently, since skin excision is less critical, the amount of scarring is reduced as well. Traditional breast reduction and mastopexy techniques rely on the excision of skin to maintain the breast's shape. Unfortunately, the skin streches over time, leading to the loss of the attractive shape that was attained immediately after the surgery. Hope this info help!

DocMarie  -  Oct. 27

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