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What Is The Cost Of A Good Nose Job?

What is the cost of a good nose job? How much should I pay for a good nose job? These are common questions when considering plastic surgery. The truth is that location, a doctors reputation / credentials, and public perception all contribute to the cost. Consider the following:

Where is the doctor located?

If your plastic surgeon has a Beverly Hills 90210 zip code then it's going to be anywhere from $10,000 - $30,000. Also, many Los Angeles based doctors have a lot of media exposure. This doesn't mean they're the best. But, it ensures that they have a good publicist.

What certifications, training, & education does your doctor have?

If your plastic surgeon is board certified then they'll be much more trusted and well qualified. If they went to a great medical school and finished high in their class then they're likely to have had good fellowships and be affiliated with a good hospital. The higher qualified the doctor, the higher the price.

How long has your doctor been practicing?

If your plastic surgeon is new and making a name for them self then the surgery will likely be cheap. You can usually get a rhinoplasty for as little as $3,000 - $4,000 with a new doctor. Just make sure they went to a good school and are affiliated with a good hospital.

Be sure you trust your doctor, they have good training / education / fellowships, and are affiliated with a good hospital.

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