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What Is The Difference Between A Lifestyle Lift And A Mini Lift?

What is the difference between the Lifestyle Lift and a regular mini face lift of the bottom half of your face?

drew osborne  -  Oct. 27

A lifetstyle lift is a brand name given to a limited scar facelift and a small excision of tissue below the skin.A minilift is similar but not necessarily the same operation. Mini-lift usually refers to a limited scar face lift and isolated treatment of the lower 1/3 of the face( jowls) and/or neck.Remember, it is the quality of the surgeon and not the quality of the name of the operation which gives the quality result. This operation is usually indicated for younger patients without a lot of skin laxity. The Lifestyle Lift is an operation that changes depending upon the surgeon doing it. However, it promises a lot of things that may not always be delivered. The LSL is usually a form of a mini facelift. The main difference you may see in techniques is what is done to firm up the tissue underneath the skin in your cheeks. You should be sure to do a LOT of research before going in for a Lifestyle Lift. The marketing that is done effectively draws people to the procedure by referring to it or inferring that it is a minimally invasive procedure.Good Luck!

DocMarie  -  Oct. 27

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