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What is the difference between Buttock implant surgery & Buttock augmentation with injection?

I have recently decided to get a butt augmentation. My butt is too flat and I just want it to look more attractive!!  I need to know what the difference is between butt implants and butt injection so I know which one is better for me. I've read something about a Brazilian butt lift. but, I'm not sure which one that is! Do I need to get a lift like someone would get a breast lift? Please help!

Thank You for any responses!

NicholeRey35  -  Sep. 17

Hi Nichole,

The difference between implants & injection is Buttock implants are actual implants just like a breast implant, they come in different sizes so you can chose which is best for your body shape and so you can chose how big you want to go. The surgeon will make a very small incision so insert the implant. It is placed under the muscle and recovery time is about 4 weeks. Then you can resume your normal activities. This procedure is usually best for patients that do not have excess fat on the body to be used for injection (Buttock augmentation by injection) I will explain further when I get to the injection part. After the 4 weeks your butt will feel very soft for the more natural look that your surgeon was going for and you will have a higher and tighter behind!

The Brazilian Butt Lift that you read about is the Buttock augmentation by injection. This procedure is used with the fat from your own body. The surgeon will use a gentle liposuction to remove the fat from areas on the body such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, arms and back. That fat is then processed and then the surgeon will inject the fat evenly and in different depths into your buttock area. This procedure has less recovery time and you get fat removed from areas on the body where you don't want it! So you get a better shape to your body (if its what you want) and you get a fuller firmer butt!

As for needing to get a lift like someone would get a breast lift, no you don't have to do anything like that, the implants or injections will do that for you.

I hope this has been helpful for you.  

PlasticSurgTech4517  -  Sep. 17

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