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What Kind Of Pain Is There In Rhinoplasty? How Bad Does It Hurt?

Is it painful to have rhinoplasty? How long does the procedure usually take?

Liana  -  Oct. 16

No, it's not painful. Rhinoplasty is done with local anesthesia. This is paired with a sedative. You are half awake. But not awake enough to feel the pain. You will be vaguely aware of what is happening but you will not feel pain. Typical rhinoplasty procedure takes 2 hours. This can take to up to4 hours if your nose problem is severe. LOL. The pain of rhinoplasty surgery typically take place AFTER surgery when anesthesia wears off. Not to worry as there are painkillers that would be prescribed to help you recover.

Abigail  -  Oct. 16

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