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What size is to big for breasts & when to consider breast reduction

Many women wonder what breast size is too big?  Many of these women may consider having breast reduction surgery at some point.  The size of your breasts is all about the anatomy of your body e.g. size, weight, height, width, etc.  There have been some people on this forum considering breast reduction.  Their reasons for considering the surgery are usually attributed to pain.  However, some women just feel self conscious.

It's not uncommon to feel very aware of the size of your boobs.  Drew Barrymore had breast reduction surgery not only to reduce back poin, but also because she felt they were the prime focus of peoples attention all the time.  Here's some other celebrities that had breast reduction surgery:

If you've been considering breast reduction for pain, self awareness, both, or just have an opinion on the matter share some of your thoughts / experiences.

Plastic Surgery Star  -  Sep. 12

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