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What's the recovery time from liposuction surgery and when can I not where sleeves?

I have been thinking of having liposuction for  quite sometime now. But I wonder how long recovery takes? If I have it done on my arms, how soon can I wear sleeveless?

Lyn  -  Oct. 14

Liposuction is the easiest way to get rid of fat in a certain area. It's very effective and because of recent medical advances, now very safe as well. Recovery depends on how far you push yourself. When I had lipo done in my arms, I was able to stretch it above my head the next day after surgery. Some patients, I was told, took days --- even weeks --- to be able to do this.

The feeling is not very painful, it is somewhat similar to stretching muscles after a hard workout. The important thing to remember is that your muscles WILL NOT tear when you stretch. It just feels as if it will tear. Try to put this in your head and I assure you you will recover arm function in as fast as 2 days. I had my arm lipo on a Saturday and I was back on work by Monday --- signing papers, typing on the computer, etc. Of course, you must have a couple of cardigans on the ready as you will be wearing arm support for the first month. This arm support is just like thick stockings and are very comfortable to wear so I am sure it will not bother you.

You will be able to wear sleeveless typically after 4-6 weeks. Lipo is very effective but your arms will not shrink right away. It takes a couple of days for the full effect to take place.. For the bloated appearance to be gone. Also, there will be a lot of bruising on your arms (don't worry it doesn't hurt) so best not to wear sleeveless yet unless you want people wondering if you're a battered wife. Lol

Cristalle  -  Oct. 14

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