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Where can they put Botox? What about my husband?

I'm in my early 60's, and I'm sagging and wrinkling EVERYWHERE!  Think Shar-Pei.  My niece went and had her crows feet and forehead done, but I want help with lips, and around my nose, even by my ears maybe… I’m not sure where needs plumped and what needs pulled?  And now they have Botox and Restalyn and I’m sure there’s probably other products too.  I’d like to hear what works best for the long haul, I’m not looking for something that takes maintenance.

Thank you all for any help!

dawnc1  -  Sep. 16


I was looking around at all the surgeons and surgery products that they have and seeing what I could find, and they have A LOT OF STUFF OUT THERE!  Here is a list of all the different fillers they carry that I have found so far: ArteCell, Juvederm, Botox, Restylane, Fat, Collagen, Sculptra, Captique, Hylaform, Radiesse.

After reading a little bit about them some of them sound like more hassle then they're worth, or more risk than they're worth.  I guess that is dependent on how much you hate your wrinkles though...LOL.!  What really caught my attention was the ArteCell and the Radiesse... just because they sounded like the longest lasting and that was something you said was a factor for you too!  Well check those out... and as for your husband what's good for the goose is good for the gander in the world of plastic surgery... but I would convince him he looks distiquished and take his money and go on a shopping spree!!!!  J/K!  Good Luck


Desiree50  -  Sep. 17

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