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Why can't I raise my arms after liposuction?

Why can't I raise my arms after liposuction? Is this normal? Have I become paralyzed?

Patricia  -  Oct. 16

Yes it is normal! Don't be paranoid. You are not paralyzed. I had liposuction done in my arms as well. Immediately after my surgery, I was told by the nurse that it will be painful to raise my arms but that I should try hard. If not, it will result in ugly lines in my underarms which might be permanent. I was so scared by what she said that by the next day, I was able to fully raise my hands above my head! Yey! Some patients takes weeks, even months to do this. When you raise your arms, you will feel as if your muscles will tear. But the important thing to remember is that it WILL NOT tear. It just feels like it will. Knowing this, you will have the confidence to stretch out those arms and be on your way to faster recovery!

Vera  -  Oct. 16

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