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Will A Hair Transplant Make Me Lose Existing Hair?

Will a hair transplant make me lose existing hair? This is one of the most common concerns for people considering a hair transplant and is also one of the biggest myths. Hair transplant surgery will not make you go bald. However, there are a few things that give this misconception it's believers. There is something called "hair shock" that may or may not occur after a hair transplant is performed. Some of the existing hair around the recipient hair (transplanted hair) may go into a temporary stage of shock proceeding a transplant. The hair may fall out and go into a dormant stage for a few months. But, don't worry because it will come back and regain its normal growth cycle. Also, remember this only happens (if it happens at all) to hair around the recipient hair, not all over the scalp. I hope that answers your concerns.

Timbo  -  Apr. 6

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