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Can I Will My Face Still Have Expression / Movement After Botox?

I am very interested with Botox but worry if so much if my face still have facial expression after the procedure? Will I still be able to smile and have a full range of movement after Botox?

Katie  -  Oct. 27

Yes. When administered by an experienced physician, you can still smile, frown, and look surprised without those lines—also known as the “11”—between your brows. Once Botox is injected into a muscle it diffuses and immediately begins to block the nerve impulses that cause the muscle to shorten. The effect becomes maximal by 5-7 days. It can improve the appearance of your face by keeping the associated muscles in a relaxed state. You may resume "pumping up" your facial muscles as soon as you are through with your botox injections. Facial exercises actually enhance the action of Botox at the neuromuscular injections and should be performed for 1-3 hours after injection by the muscles injected (i.e. frowning frequently for 90 minutes if frown lines were injected). The only exercise not advised for at least 3 hours after your injections is laying down , and hanging upside down from anti-gravity boots. While some may recommend that you use your facial muscles more after Botox injections, I persoanlly won't advice that, You just don't want the Botox (or Dysport) to "drift" into an area that was not intended.Therefore, using you muscles excessively could theoretically contribute to this undesired "drift."
Aesthetic inject­able treatments such as botox there are technique-sensitive procedures, so make sure to visit a well-trained aesthetic-specialty physician for your treatment and discuss the optimal results you would like to achieve. Go about your day as usual and avoid excessive massage of these muscles. good day!
Candy Landdyn  -  Oct. 27

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