Gina Gershon Plastic Surgery Before And After Botox

Gina Gershon always looked pretty much the same until she got plastic surgery. Before and after photos show her when she was in Show Girls (1995) and from recent years. She clearly had Botox, but probably didn't have a facelift. It's a good thing that Gina Gershon didn't overdo the cosmetic surgery because it seems like she could have. There's nothing wrong with a few Botox injections. But, facial fillers, lip injections, a facelift, and more becomes bad. With plastic surgery, less is usually more.

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Gina Gershon Plastic Surgery

gina gershon before after

gina gershon before and after

This before and after pic shows her in the mide 90's and from today.

gina gershon cosmetic surgery

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