Gordon Ramsay Plastic Surgery Before And After Botox | Chin (No Facelift)

Gordon Ramsay got a little plastic surgery fill in the wrinkles on his chin. He had some fillers combined with Botox to smooth out the deep creases and make his chin look more even. He actually took advice from Simon Cowell to get the cosmetic surgery - it seems like Simon is a huge advocate for plastic surgery! Gordon Ramsay didn't get any Botox nor did he get a facelift for his forehead or cheeks, but his chin looks a lot better. Here he is before and after the procedure.

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Gordon Ramsay Plastic Surgery

This is Gordon Ramsay's chin before plastic surgery.

gordon ramsay chin

Here it is after...

gordon ramsay facelift

It's a good thing that Gordon Ramsay left the rest of his face alone because his wrinkles are kind of part of his persona.

gordon ramsay botox

gordon ramsay plastic surgery before and after

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