Jacqueline Laurita Plastic Surgery Face & Nose Job

Jacqueline Laurita has been accused of having facial plastic surgery. She would have gotten a facelift, Botox, and a possible nose job. When when someone gets Botox, 9 times out of 10 be spotted and Jacqueline Laurita has all the indicating signs. her face looks shiny, plastic, and kind of like a mask. IT MUST BE BOTOX!!! The problem with these eccentric "Real Housewives" is that they think in order to have good plastic surgery you have to go to the max. That's obviously not what you should do. If you can tell someone had plastic surgery then it's not good plastic surgery. This before and after pic shows that Jacqueline Laurita obviously tried to eliminate every conceivable sign of aging. The result is a mask of your former self...

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jacqueline laurita plastic surgery
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