Janet Jackson Plastic Surgery For Nose Job

Janet Jackson had a nose job to narrow the bridge of of her nose and reduce a bulbous tip. The star has had plastic surgery in the past, so the rhinoplasty came as no surprise. Also, plastic surgery obviously runs in the family. The before and after photo's of Janet Jackson is a little disheartening. Like Michael, she went over the top on her nose job. The width is unnaturally thin and the tip is too small. No natural nose will ever look like that. The goal of rhinoplasty is to achieve an aesthetic and natural looking result. Her nose look good before plastic surgery. If she were to get a nose job then she should have had a much more subtle approach.

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Janet Jackson Before And After

You can see the bulbous tip of Janet Jackson's nose in the before picture. She has a naturally short nose to begin with. So, less is more in her situation.

Janet Jackson Nose Job

Janet Jackson Plastic Surgery

Janet Jackson Rhinoplasty

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