Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery For Nose Job

Jennifer Aniston has admitted to having a nose job. She isn't bashful about her past plastic surgery anymore. In her before and after photos her nose is now thinner, straighter, and more refined. But, why did she have a nose job?... On a recent episode of Inside The Actors Studio James Lipton interviewed Jennifer Aniston about her past rumored nose job. She admitted that a rogue ball once broke her nose, to which James Lipton replied, "That's a broken nose?" Aniston, with a smirk, replied, "Sort of — not anymore." So, there you have it folks. Jennifer Aniston had a nose job... case closed! Here she is before and after her nose job. In the before picture her nose looks a little crooked. Perhaps that rogue ball that broke her nose was still prevalent?

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Jennifer Aniston Nose Job

Jennifer Aniston before and after

Jennifer Aniston plastic surgery

All in all, Jennifer Aniston has a great looking nose now. Although she's had a reported 2-3 nose jobs, her nose looks natural and aesthetic.

Jennifer Aniston plastic surgery
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