Johnny Depp Plastic Surgery Nose Job | Botox Before After

The now 50 year old Johnny Depp has managed to stay fresh faced as he was in his 30's, so plastic surgery rumors naturally rumble. It's likely the star has had a little Botox to ward off wrinkles and old age. Also, Johnny Depp has been thought to have had a nose job when he was all the way back in his late teens. This before and after picture shows just how similar he looks as when he was in his 20's. Amazing!

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Johnny Depp just doesn't age. Even if he's getting Botox injections, it's not overly obvious.

johnny depp before and after

Johnny Depp Nose Job

johnny depp plastic surgery

Plastic surgery or not, Johnny Depp looks simply fabulous for his age.

johnny depp botox

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