Kareena Kapoor Plastic Surgery Nose Job Before And After

The Kareena Kapoor plastic surgery drama includes a nose job, possible cheek implants, and jaw surgery. The before and after photos show that her cheeks are more defined and her nose is longer now. Although it's up for debate, she may have also had her jawline shaved down to make it more narrow. Kareena Kapoor looks like a total natural beauty now and you would never suspect that she had plastic surgery. So, she must have had a really good plastic surgeon.

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Kareena Kapoor Plastic Surgery

Kareena Kapoor Before And After

Here's Kareena Kapoor before and after the plastic surgery. The most noticeable difference is from her nose job. But, her whole face looks a little more narrow and sharp now.

kareena kapoor nose job

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