Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Kim Kardashian definitely had a nose job around 2006. Her rhinoplasty is the most famous plastic surgery she's had. The result of Kim's nose job is very good considering she had a humped nose with a downward sloped tip before surgery. The plastic surgery pulled the nasal tip up and smoothed out the bridge resulting in an aesthetic and very natural looking nose. In this before and after picture you can see that Kim' nose looks more jagged and longer before plastic surgery. After surgery her nose appears smooth and symmetrical.

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kardashian nose job

Notice the tip of her nose is humped and droopy with a very pronounced septum. She had this pulled up / reduced in size from her cosmetic surgery.

kim kardashian before plastic surgery

You can really see the difference in the bridge of the nose.

kim nose job

Kim Kardashian now has a very symmetrical and smooth nose.

kim kardashian plastic surgery

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