Korean Plastic Surgery Before And After

There is some absolutely amazing pictures of Korean plastic surgery. Some of these before and after photos show an extraordinary change in the individuals. There's a lot of chin (Mentoplasty) and eyelid work (Blepharoplasty) along with some nose jobs. But, in almost every picture you will notice that the chin is reduced in size. Overall, there's 8 before and after photos of Korean plastic surgery here. This first picture shows a Korean before and after chin reduction. The difference is simply amazing.

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Korean Plastic Surgery Before And After

Extensive eyelid work to make her eyes appear to be bigger.

Korean Before After Plastic Surgery

Chin reduction, nose job, and eyelid work.

Korean Before And After Plastic Surgery

She had a chin reduction.

Korean Before And After

She had her chin narrowed to look smaller and more petite. Also, she had her eyelids done.

Korean Cosmetic Surgery

Korean Plastic Surgery Before After

He changed the overall shape of his face. It's more narrow now (less round).

Korean Plastic Surgery


Koreans Plastic Surgery

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