Lea Michele Nose Job

Thank goodness Lea Michele never got a nose job! Honestly, if she had gotten one than she wouldn't have the career she has right now. Here's an interesting story about Lea Michele: When she was 15 she came out to L.A. with her mom to interview with a talent agent. He said he wouldn't represent her unless she got a nose job. Then, he went on to ask her if she had her period yet (because you can't have a nose job until then)!!! Needless to say, her mom was like, "let's get out of here." She eventually landed a role on Glee without ever having to change her face! This should an inspiration to other young actors and actresses. Sometimes it's better to say no to plastic surgery. JUST SAY NO!!!

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lea michele nose job

Lea Michele is half Italian which is why she has a bigger nose.

lea michele nose

lea michele rhinoplasty

Here's Lea Michele looking absolutely fabulous despite turning down the nose job.

Lea Michele Face

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