Lebron James Hairline & Hair Transplant

It's no secret that Lebron James has had a receding hairline for a while now. Many people think he should just get a hair transplant and end all the fuss. He can obviously afford the best hair doctors and could even do it in the offseason. So, either get a hair transplant or shave that head bald! I don't know if any other athlete has taken more ridicule than Lebron James for losing their hair. His hair is aggressively thinning on top of his scalp and the hairline is going up. Also, the temporal peaks are going farther and farther back. If Lebron James were to get a hair transplant, the doctor would lower the hairline a 1 / 2 in. to 1 in. and fill in the sides. Also, they would thicken up the balding area on top of his head. The whole procedure would probably be about 2,000 - 2,500 hair grafts. So, consider it Lebron! Do the same thing that Wayne Rooney did and get that full head of hair back!

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Lebron James Hair Transplant

lebron james hairline

lebron james hairline

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