Lee Hyori Plastic Surgery Before And After Breast Implants & More

Former K Pop star Lee Hyori has had a lot of plastic surgery to get where she is. The many before and after photos show that she had a nose job, breast implants, eyelid surgery and cosmetic dentistry. The procedures mounted up to a several, but the result looks amazingly natural and beautiful. This first before and after picture shows the eyelid surgery she had. Notice how Lee Hyori's eyes are wider than they used to be.

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lee hyori plastic surgery

lee hyori plastic surgery before and after

This shows Lee Hyori after her breast implants. Her breast size was a small A cup before plastic surgery, but now it's a solid C.

lee hyori breast implants

Lee Hyori most likely got Veneers to achieve that perfect smile.

lee hyori before and after

Behold, the finished product of Lee Hyori after plastic surgery!

lee hyori cosmetic surgery

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