Leighton Meester Nose Job Plastic Surgery

Leighton Meester had a very subtle nose job when she was younger. But, the real plastic surgery (and drama) comes from the huge legal battle with own her mom! Leighton Meester had agreed to pay her mom $7,500 a month to help with her brother's medical bills. But, she found out that her mom was using the money to get Botox, hair extension, and other types of plastic surgery. After Leighton Meester stopped paying money, her mom threatened to sue her for $3,000,000! Her mom claimed that Leighton and her had a verbal agreement that she would pay her $10,000 a month for life. But Leighton said there was no such agreement. REALLY??? That's some seriously bizarre family drama. Well, plastic surgery runs in the family because we know that Leighton Meester at least had a nose job.

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Leighton Meester plastic surgery

Notice how the tip is a little smaller now.

Leighton Meester before and after

Leighton Meester nose job
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