Mary Louise Parker Plastic Surgery Before And After Botox

The 48 year old Mary Louise Parker looks absolutely stunning for her age, so plastic surgery rumors naturally surface. Before and after photos suggest the Weeds star may have had Botox and a possible nose job. Her face has barely any lines and looks strikingly smooth - especially if it's plastic surgery free. Also, Mary Louise Parker happens to have 2 children which is an assurance of extra stress in one's life. Here's Mary Louise Parker when she was in her late 30's and from 2012. Does it look like she's had any Botox injections to you?

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Mary Louise Parker Before And After

Mary Louise Parker has always looked good no matter what her age was. The woman simply doesn't age!

mary louise parker plastic surgery before and after

If she had any Botox, it was done very conservatively.

mary louise parker plastic surgery

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