Megan Fox Before And After Lip Augmentation

Plastic surgery surely has become too common in Hollywood that it is difficult to pinpoint who has not gone under the knife. Even Megan Fox, who is regarded as one of the most stunning women in Hollywood, has evidently undergone plastic surgery to enhance her physical appearance. One of the obvious facial features that she showed she had some work done is her famed lips.

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In the photos below, it can be noticed that her puckers definitely changed from then compared to now. She used to have flatter lips. Now, they are fuller and plumper. There is no way that plastic surgery is not involved in this transformation.

Megan Fox Lip Augmentation

The actress is said to have had filler injections on her lips, seeing as they are a little fuller that what she used to have.

Megan Fox Lip Augmentation

Megan Fox had lip augmentation surgery to increase the fullness and volume of her lips. The before and after photos show that her lips look much plumper after the operation. Many people think that this procedure made her lips look too plump which results in them appearing unnatural.

megan fox lip injections

Megan Fox Lip Augmentation
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