Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose Job

Let's face it, Michael Jackson had some of the most bizarre plastic surgery of all time. The endless before and after photos show his multiple nose jobs, facial adjustments and skin color transformation. As a teenager, Michael Jackson was secretly diagnosed with a skin disorder known as "vitiligo." This is when you get blotchiness and skin discoloration - the first public sighting of this was when he was in the Jackson's recreation of The Wizard Of Oz. In order to combat this condition, Michael Jackson started bleaching the effected areas of his skin. Right before the CD release of Off The Wall was when Michael Jackson had his first nose job - little did everyone know that there would be a lot of plastic surgery to follow. This first before and after pic shows him before ever getting any plastic surgery and in 2006.

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michael jackson plastic surgery

The nose is much thinner, but the biggest mistake is how thin the tip of his nose is. The tip should NEVER be smaller then the bridge, otherwise you get the pinched nose look as seen here.

michael jackson before and after

michael jackson cosmetic surgery before and after

michael jackson nose job

michael jackson cosmetic surgery

Here's Michael Jackson as a kid as well as from the mid 2000's.

michael jackson then and now

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