Mickey Rourke Before And After Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is used to fix one’s appearance, but there are unfortunate times when it would just go bad. Mickey Rourke is an example of a botched plastic surgery procedure. For a while, the former boxer was seen sporting a face that was very different from his previous handsome looks. The 62 years old opted for plastic surgery to restore his good looks after years of boxing, but it did not turn out well.

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Mickey Rourke is a living example that not all plastic surgeries are successful. Too bad for him!

Mickey Rourke Then And Now

Take a look at this before and after photo of Mickey. He was undeniably handsome in the first photo, something that was totally gone in the second photo.

bad celebrity plastic surgery

Here are another set of photos. The former boxer received several plastic surgeries to fix his nose and cheekbone. Unfortunately, he only ended up with a ruined face.

Mickey Rourke Then And Now

Mickey Rourke Then And Now
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