Nicole Richie Nose Job Plastic Surgery

Nicole Richie had a fairly subtle nose job. The plastic surgery narrowed the width of her nose, made the tip smaller, and lowered the tip a bit. Her nose looks good now, but her original nose seemed to fit her face better. Not everyone is meant to have a "perfect nose." Sometimes a slightly "different" looking nose will bring out the best in your facial attributes. It's a matter of looking past the general public publics perception of what a "perfect" nose is. If everyone got a rhinoplasty and had the same nose then it would only look good on a portion those people. Notice how Nicole Richie's nose looks straighter and narrower after the cosmetic surgery. It's interesting how her face actually looks longer because of the shape of her new nose.

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Nicole Richie Nose Job

nicole richie cosmetic surgery

nicole richie plastic surgery

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