Nose Job Before And After

A nose job is a plastic surgery operation that re-shapes and contours the nose. It can make a nose smaller, larger, thinner, wider, more upturned, and everything in between. There's an open and closed approach to getting a nose job. In the open approach, the plastic surgeon will lift your nose up and operate with a full view of the inside of the nose. In a closed approach, the surgeon operates with no view of the noses inside. Here's a few before and after pictures to see different types of nose job celebrities have had. Blake Lively had her bulbous nose made smaller and refined.

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nose job

Scarlett Johansson had the tip of her nose reduced in size.

nose job before and after

Tyra Banks had a very bulbous nose before her surgery.

Nose Jobs

Ashlee Simpson had a huge hump on her nose smoothed down.


Kate Winslet had her nose narrowed.

before and after nose job

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