People In Japan Use Palm Plastic Surgery To Change Fate

A new type of plastic surgery from Japan alters the lines on your palm - and possibly your fate... Palmistry enthusiasts are asking surgeons to extend or create lines in their hand with an electric scalpel to increase their luck. One such Japanese surgeon is Takaaki Matsuoka who has already performed 37 procedures. The surgery costs about $1,000 and takes about 10 - 15 min. The surgeon may add around 10 lines on your hand to change your fate. Men tend to favor lines that predict money or success, whereas women request their love and marriage lines to be altered. A few former patients of Matsuoka have actually been proposed to and one even won the lottery. "If people think they’ll be lucky, sometimes they become lucky," he said. "And it’s not like the palm lines are really written in stone — they’re basically wrinkles."

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