Priscilla Presley Before And After Plastic Surgery

Priscilla Presley fell victim to shady Los Angeles plastic surgery. She looks like two totally different people before and after the "so called" Botox injections. In 2003 Priscilla went to see a Los Angeles based plastic surgeon by the name of Daniel Serrano. He told her that he was giving her a substance that was even better than Botox. What she didn't know was that he was using a non FDA approved chemical that was smuggled in from Argentina. This chemical was a washed down version of a silicone substance. Since this tragedy, Daniel Serrano has pleaded guilty to smuggling unapproved drugs into the U.S and served an 18 month sentence. Here's Priscilla Presley Before and after plastic surgery. Her face just looks unnatural after the facial injections.

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Priscilla Presley Before And After

Bad Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Priscilla Presley Plastic Surgery
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