Sharon Stone Before And After Botox & Facelift

As Sharon Stone has aged she's taken to Botox and a facelift. This before and after picture shows her when she had a youthful natural face and her face after the procedures. Luckily, Sharon Stone didn't go crazy with the Botox because it looks like she was pretty close to doing it. Her face still looks natural, but it's pretty close to being over the top. She's managed to have no wrinkles on her forehead and has maintained pretty smooth cheeks. Also, her jawline doesn't show much of any crease. This lends evidence to the fact that she may have also had facial fillers.

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sharon stone botox

This is an older before and after photo of Sharon Stone. It's her when she was young and when she was older, but before the facelift and Botox.

sharon stone before and after

The facial fillers are becoming ever more obvious...

sharon stone facelift

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