Tina Turner Plastic Surgery Before And After Facelift

It's likely that singer Tina Turner has had plastic surgery. The first before and after photo shows her face looking young and vibrant both at age 36 and age 70. It's likely she had a facelift and Botox injections to maintain those vibrant cheeks as well as staying wrinkle free. That being said, the plastic surgery done on her looks absolutely amazing. Dr. Anthony Youn (celebrity plastic surgeon) had this to say to msnbc.com, “Tina Turner is aging very gracefully. If she’s had any plastic surgery, it looks very natural and certainly isn’t as obvious as it is with many others.” You can see the fabulous results of Tina Turner's plastic surgery in these before and after photos.

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tina turner plastic surgery

Again, this shows her in her 30's and early 70's.

Tina Turner Before And After

Here's Tina Turner today looking absolutely ravishing.

tina turner facelift

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