Wes Welker Hair Transplant Before And After

Wes Welker had a very public hair transplant which he proudly owned up to. The transplant was by Dr. Leonard in late 2011 or early 2012. The doctor lowered Wes Welker's hairline and made the temporal peaks thicker. In the before and after pic you can see that his hairline was starting to run away on the sides, but now it's straight all the way across. It still looks a little thin in the temporal peaks, but it's definitely thicker than before. Sometimes people will go in for two hair transplants where the second one is usually be to add more density to the recipient area. If you get too many hair grafts on the first transplant it will end up looking unnatural. But, Wes Welker took the right approach and is looking good after his hair transplant.

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wes welker hair transplant
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